What We Offer

We work with resources companies to understand their real energy costs—typically one of their largest operating expenses—and to develop strategies for reducing their energy bills. This solution provides processes and tools designed to improve energy related procurement, consumption management, risk management, back office operations and decision support to help companies realize significant energy cost savings.

  • Carrying on sensitization, awareness, educative and consultancy activities in all operations involving mines, gas, energy and oil, together with providing protective equipment’s.
  • Preparing oil and gas contracts and tenders
  • Import/Export  of all kind of Minerals
  • Research of African natural resources
  • We provide education support in educating society about natural resources in east Africa
  • With the cooperation of best law companies in east Africa we offer legal service to resources companies in east Africa.
  • We Partnership with other company for joint venture project.
  • We direct companies in new mining area through client
  • Construct, erect, maintain and alter any buildings, machinery, plan or work necessary or convenient for the company’s purposes.
  • Consultation about East Africa natural resources investment
  • Carrying research for different purpose
  • Investment Management in natural resources
  • Our company provides outsourced support services in a variety of commercial, IT areas, Human resources and handling different project.
  • Energy management/ Environment Impact Assessment

We are successful when

  • Our people start each day with a sense of purpose and end the day with a sense of accomplishment.
  • Our communities, customers and suppliers value their relationships with us.
  • Our asset portfolio is world-class and sustainably developed.
  • Our event and financial strength enables our future growth.
  • Our investors receive a superior return on their investment.